Reading Club

In this program, our tutors will read books of various genres with students to enhance their reading abilities. Our phenomenal tutors prioritize on instilling a passion for reading for all of their students. Our Reading Club is an invigorating way for students to improve their English skills.

Reading Club is an excellent way for students to hone on their English abilities. For our younger students, this program will focus primarily on understanding the plot of different stories. This emphasis on fundamentals will help students gain fluency in the English language, as well as furthering their vocabulary. Tutors will help students fully understand their readings by facilitating discussions.

On the other hand, higher leveled readers will be taught critical thinking skills to comprehend complex literary structures in their books. Tutors will teach these formal literary concepts such as themes and motifs, as well as giving the historical contexts of the books. Here, students will learn how to deeply analyze a text and understand an author’s intentions for writing a particular book.

person reading while sitting on books
person reading giant book

After finishing a book, the student will receive a certificate of completion. Acclaim promotes a positive, uplifting classroom environment by giving students a sense of accomplishment—which is exactly what hard-working students deserve!

We currently have over a hundred books, and our library collection is only growing from here! Our collection is available for all grade levels (K-12). We have books to match different students’ personalities and reading levels; this ensures that all of our books are enjoyable reads. Our books range from picture books to classical literature. Reading Club provides a fun, educational experience at one’s own pace!

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We have a full library of books available for all grade levels (K–12), both in print and digitally.

Samples: Young Readers

Young readers will be given exercises to build vocabulary and gain reading comprehension skills.

noun and word matching with Clifford the Big Red Dog
reading comprehension with Clifford the Big Red Dog