College Consulting

The college application process is arduous. Students frequently ask questions such as, “What tests should I take?”, “Where should I apply to?”, and “What major do I choose?” With our college consulting services, our academic experts can give their expertise regarding the universities’ expectations in an application.

This service can be beneficial for students beginning the application process, as our advisors will help in maximizing one’s chances of getting into their dream school. Students just starting high school can also benefit from this program, as our counselors will create an educational plan for the student to stand out in their future applications.

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Our college consulting services will confidently guide you through this complex process by creating a personally customized plan for each student, including:

  • College test preparation
  • Recommendation and support
  • Extracurricular activities planning
  • Admissions assistance
  • Interview preparation

Successful college results

With our expert staff, Acclaim has carefully led countless young students onto the path towards admittance to the most outstanding universities throughout the United States. We have a 100% college acceptance rate for students under our guidance, admitting them into universities such as Stanford, UPenn, and UC Berkeley.

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University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
Carnegie Mellon University